Every February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. This is a time when the American Dental Association highlights the importance of our children’s oral healthcare.

Of course this is year-round effort for every parent. Beginning when your child’s first tooth peeks through, to reminding them as teenagers to brush and floss before bedtime, the goal is to ensure that their smiles are big and bright – full of healthy teeth for a lifetime.

ROBERT-MASONSounds easy, doesn’t it? But, it can be a challenge. With today’s lifestyles, snacking on foods high in sugar and starch, we all have to work a bit harder to ensure that our children’s teeth are well cared for. In fact, this year’s Dental Health theme is “Sugar Wars.” So how do we fight against all of the foods and drinks that are harmful? Drs. Hochberg and Diora stress the significance of giving your child a strong foundation – teaching them at a young age why their teeth are important and how to care to for them. A combination of good brushing and flossing routines and visits to the dentist will start your child off on the right foot. We suggest you begin early. Some patients even bring their child to us when their first teeth erupt. This gives their child an opportunity to become accustomed to visiting our dental office, and we can answer questions for the new parent. Other patients bring their children around age three.

Another tip – one of the most important things for parents to remember, is that children are sponges. If you express anxieties about visiting the dentist or doctor, your child may mimic your concerns. They will think there is a reason to be fearful. Speak positively, make it a game, read books about going to the dentist, let your child brush your teeth and count them. Make it fun!

Both Mason (who just learned how to brush by himself) and Robert (the expert), are working on their super smiles! If we can provide you with any information on your child’s dental health or tips and tools on how to care for your children’s teeth, just give us a call. We’d be happy to assist you. Don’t hesitate to ask!

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