Since the late 90’s, electric toothbrushes have become increasingly popular.  And over the past decade, technological advancements have helped perfect this tool. It’s an easy way for everyone to help maintain his or her dental health. However, with so many different models on the market, our patients often ask both Dr. Hochberg and Dr. Diora, “Which electric toothbrush do you recommend?” Our doctors, as well as our hygienists, are here to help explain the science behind our recommendation of the Sonicare™ brand.

adobestock_45605343Before outlining how Sonicare™ works, it is important to understand the bacteria present in the oral cavity. There are two types that live in the mouth – aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria live above the gum line and require oxygen to survive. Anaerobic bacteria live below the gum line and thrive in dark areas that contain little to no oxygen.

Each type of bacteria, both above and below the gum line, has surfaces that are covered with ‘finger-like projections’ called papilla. The bacteria use these papillae to communicate with each other and build colonies, otherwise known as plaque. Left on the surface of your teeth, either above or below the gums, plaque hardens, forming calculus and potentially providing an environment where decay and periodontal disease can become concerns.

You may ask what this scientific conversation about bacteria has to do with our Sonicare™ recommendation? It actually goes hand in hand. If we can disrupt these papilla from communicating and colonizing we can help prevent the development of plaque and calculus. In years past, brushing and flossing with a manual toothbrush was our only option – removing plaque on the portion of the tooth we could reach. We didn’t have ‘at home’ mechanism to disrupt bacteria under the gum line. However, with a Sonicare® electric toothbrush we can do much more. As the name suggests, it works by creating sonic vibrations, which reach below the gum line without actually touching the tooth’s root, damaging the papilla of harmful bacteria.

Start 2017 with a New Year’s resolution to enhance your oral health – give yourself, and your smile, the gift of a new electric toothbrush! Combining regular visits to your hygienist and periodic examinations with Drs. Hochberg and Diora, excellent home healthcare with Sonicare® helps enhance your dental health so you can smile with confidence into the New Year.

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