We’re making Children’s Dental Health fun!

ChildrensDentalHealthTo celebrate Children’s Dental Health month, both Dr. Mira Diora and her dental assistant, Karren, spent time with over 160 children from ages four to seven. Engaging them with our ‘Tooth Friendly Foods” interactive board, the children at Primrose School in Midtown and Springdale Park Elementary, couldn’t wait to come up and move the cookies and gummy bears into the ‘bad foods’ column. They listened, answered questions and even asked many of their own. One wanted to know when the toothbrush was invented. We had to look that one up! Another asked what happens if you eat too much of the ‘good for you foods’. And a six-year-old boy wanted to know why he hasn’t lost any of his teeth like his friends had. It’s hard to know who had more fun – our Colony Square Dental Associates team members or the children. All students went home with new toothbrushes, a dental health activity book and an informative brochure for their parents.

ChildrensDentalHealth2And in honor of this special month, we welcomed Margaret as our first member of our new No Cavity Club. It was her first dental visit and she left with a big smile!

While Children’s Dental Health Month is winding down, the importance of teaching our little ones how to care for their teeth doesn’t. Just ask us! We always are on hand to address your concerns, provide information and introduce your children to brushing and flossing so they keep their teeth their sparkling best.

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