Team Fun Day at CSDA

Team Fun Day at CSDA
An eventful day full of fun for the team and a few surprises for Dr. Diora too

The opportunity to enjoy some downtime with co-workers, outside of the hustle and bustle of the office, is always a treat. Being able to mingle and have personal conversations allows for a great ambiance and spirit that we bring back to our workspace. Last week we were surprised with a fun “Team Day”. With a lot of details left unknown, our only hint was that we needed to prepare to relax, sing, and wear our new fun teeth socks to help us get Footloose! Our first clue led us to Caribou Coffee, a unique coffee shop in Buckhead. While waiting for our next hint to unravel the mystery of the day, we grabbed a bite to eat and a warm cup of joe. Dr. Diora arrived soon after to join the breakfast brunch party. She passed out the next set of sealed envelopes, and we eagerly opened them.

And there it was, a shiny New Balance gift card, just waiting for us to splurge on a new pair of sneakers! Working on our feet all day can be taxing, and to have the opportunity to consult with a shoe specialist one on one was an awesome experience. From measuring our feet, finding custom supportive inserts, and informing us of the latest fashion trends, New Balance of Buckhead went above and beyond to ensure we secured the perfect pair of shoes. Not to mention, they even opened the store an hour early to accommodate us! We quickly snagged a few photos, checked out, and opened yet another sealed envelope.

A short walking distance from the shoe store, was a massage spa called “Treat Your Feet”. Since our initial hint told us to prepare for relaxation and to get “Footloose” some of us began to guess that we were getting foot massages. We were right of course, but that wasn’t all. Calming music played and we reclined in the most comfortable chairs while technicians treated us to the ultimate foot experience. Hot stones, soothing lotions, and warm towels were just a few methods used to help us unwind. Just when we thought it was over they massaged our face, head, and neck too. With that we were given our final envelope and proceeded to the last destination.

The location of our lunch was at Season’s 52. This restaurant is known for their sophisticated atmosphere, seasonal menu, and offering fresh ingredients that are naturally lighter. Turning the corner to our private room, it was decorated with all things baby. Surprising Dr. Diora was a delight. As many of you may already know, she is expecting to have a baby in June. Singing a CSDA version of the song “Footloose”, we lightened the room and begin the baby shower festivities. Games were played, presents opened, and a few happy tears were shed. It was the perfect way to end a great time with co-workers that truly feel like family. Thank you to Dr. Hochberg, Congratulations to Dr. Diora, and Happy Team Day from CSDA!

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