Patient Testimonials

“Perfection….that is what you will receive under the care of Dr. Hochberg at Colony Square Dental Associates. Dr. Hochberg is an extremely talented dentist as well as an artist when it comes to improving your smile. Plus, he makes going to the dentist fun – a rare find indeed. The front desk, which is the backbone of any practice, is a fabulous group that makes you feel taken care of as soon as you enter the door. The magic of the hygienist (cheerful and painless) and his mighty assistant (fantastic in every way) round out this powerful group. Thanks to one and all for taking care of me and my new smile!”

Vicki H.

“Dr. Hochberg: I just needed to write you and thank you so much for my implant and crown. I did not realize how poor the prior ones were until I got these new ones.  You took into account my overbite and I can’t even describe how comfortable they are and how natural they feel…Please thank Sharlene as well.  She is so good at what she does and always made me feel so special. She’s a gem!”

Doug L.

“Karen, thank you for the wonderful teeth cleaning experience that you provided for me.  I was impressed by your professionalism, attention to detail, communication skills, and tone of voice.  All of these attributes contributed to a relaxing environment. Each time that I have visited Colony Square Dental Associates, the entire team has been extremely patient-friendly.  Please continue the great work.”

 Linda P., EdD

“I have been a patient of your practice for over forty years, moving to Colony Square when it opened with Dr. Lineberger and Dr. Hochberg. I have been so fortunate to have had such a fantastic group, under the leadership fo Dr. Hochberg, to take care of my dental needs.  Dr. Hochberg has always been on the leading edge of new techniques and the staff, particularly Karen, have done a wonderful job. The office staff has always been willing to work with me when the need arose exhibiting excellent customer service skills.”

Nina L.

“Nothing but praise for Dr.Hochberg and his amazing staff. Dr. H., you are “The Magic Man….”


Your team has been without a doubt THE BEST medical team we have been associated with; not a close
second.  The whole office environment is very friendly, responsive, and well run, and that doesn’t just happen.  It takes good leadership and good employees and you have been doing it for a long time.  In fact, when we considered moving out of Atlanta, one of the things in the minus column was having to leave you all!  

Jeff G.

“After many years in Savannah, my wife and I retired to Atlanta. We asked our dentist, who was from Atlanta, if she knew of a dentist for us to see there. Without hesitation, she recommended Dr. Hochberg. She said he was the best in Atlanta. Now, a year later, I can see why she was so enthusiastic. I had been unhappy with my bite and my smile for my entire adult life, but was never offered a comprehensive approach to address my problems. During my first few visits with Dr. Hochberg he talked with me, carefully evaluated my problems, and started to formulate an approach. Dr. Hochberg laid out a very clear plan to fix all my issues. He used technology in the process that I never knew existed. As a retired aerospace engineer, involved in aircraft design at aerospace companies all over the country, I was blown away by the technology he used to redesign and reconstruct my bite. The precision led to a perfect fit the first time and minimized the amount of time I had to spend in the chair. The entire office and professional staff made the visits something to look forward to. I now have use of all teeth, a comfortable bite, and a smile that makes me smile. Thanks so much!

Bob H.

” On December 31, I had an appointment with Dr. Diora and Karren Dennegall. I have to admit that I was dreading it because anything associated with having work done on my teeth that involves cutting, drilling or filling has generally resulted in discomfort, pain, sometimes thrush, and miserable recovery time (none of which you did, by the way). That’s why I’ve been so grateful my childhood fillings have lasted 50 years. The people who work in your office are always polite, cheerful and considerate. Even your other Karen, my poor hygienist, who has suffered through cleaning these crowded teeth every few months since 2002, still greets me happily when I come in. It seems wild to be able to say this, but even though my dread increased as we headed for the room, when I actually got there and settled into the chair, Karren was able to make the visit feel more like an adventure than a filling. Throughout the entire procedure they: • explained everything they were going to do as they were doing it so I could be prepared for what was going to happen. • were very sensitive to my comfort level and made sure I was as pain-free as possible considering the circumstances. • showed me what they had done to the tooth and made sure it was comfortable for me to chew. • were cheerful, upbeat and fun in their approach. I am generally resistant to anything that restricts my movement because it makes me feel like a prisoner or kidnap victim. I’ve got to tell you, however, that the gadget they put in my mouth to hold it open seemed a little daunting at first, but being relieved of the responsibility of keeping it open and holding my tongue out of the way allowed me to relax. It really reduced my stress. I’m writing today to tell you that although I started the appointment with dread, getting this tooth filled actually turned out to be a delightful experience. (How many people in this world can say that?) I left feeling great, have had absolutely no pain, and can truthfully say that I’ll look forward to the next time a filling fails. Thank you all so much!!!

Charlotte S.

Actual Dental Patient at Colony Square Dental in Atlanta

“I am sure everyone would agree with me that no one looks forward to going to the dentist. Although, going to the dentist is not on the top of my list of things to do; I realized that I have been going to Colony Square Dental for over 24 years. This includes the 3 years when I was living in Birmingham, Al. due to a job transfer. During that time, I scheduled all my cleanings and procedures on my office day, which was every Friday. You may ask why anyone would make the over 3-hour round trip? It’s simple, you will never find a more professional team of dentist that utilize the latest dental techniques. Their front staff, hygienist and dental technicians are top notch and really care about their patients. I am always greeted with a smile, hug and kind word. They are the best!! 

Michael S.

“I live in Roswell and was searching for a dentist who is an expert in dental implants. I needed 2 implants, one of which is a top front tooth. I was scared to death, not only of the implant process, but how it would look in the end. My mother has been a patient of Dr. Hochberg for over 20 years and highly recommended him. I am so thankful she did because he truly is the best. From the moment you meet him, he has a calming and reassuring presence about him and I was able to place full trust in him. His whole staff is amazing and they will do everything they can to make you comfortable. Even driving to midtown from Roswell for all of my appointments did not bother me, knowing I was in the best hands. He did a beautiful job and my teeth look great! I am forever grateful for Colony Square Dental and sweet Dr. Hochberg!

Cynthia H.

BJ and Dr. Hochberg
What a treasure I discovered 30 years ago. A marvelous professional in Dr. Hochberg who is also kind and generous. He definitely put forth exceptional effort to help me accomplish my goals.
 At the beginning, the staff was and continues to be the best. From the moment you walk through the door, during treatment and when checking out; ALL take care of you efficiently with eloquence and a smile. 
With such encompassing quality of service, how could you not be a patient for life?

B. J.

“About 25 years ago, somehow I found Dr. Hochberg. That was remarkable because despite being a psychologist (i.e., someone who knows about how fears can develop, escalate, and incapacitate people) I walked into his office with a severe dental phobia. It wasn’t because I had watched “Marathon Man”; rather, my childhood dentist was a no pain, no gain kind of guy who did not believe in Novocaine. Go figure.

So, within relatively short order, Dr. Hochberg’s intelligent, confident, warm, and witty way of being (which his staff either naturally possess or model quite well), succeeded in melting away my fears. I keep coming back, four times per year for routine cleaning and examinations.

Yesterday, because my schedule and his could not match, Dr. Diora completed the first part of a crown procedure. Sure, my anxiety spiked a bit beforehand – would the easing of my fear be specifically linked to Dr. Hochberg, or generalize to another dentist? Well, in a phrase: mission accomplished. Dr. Diora took the time to speak to me as one human being to another, listening to my concerns with the kind of emotional intelligence and depth of understanding that I would expect from someone in my profession. Yes, she was kind, warm, supportive, and appropriately humorous. But, more than that – like Dr. Hochberg – she and her assistant Karren orchestrated an experience where they seemed to “grok” my fears, allayed them, and guess what – the two hours were actually a pleasant (dare I say fun) dental experience.

Bravo to Dr. Diora.

Bravo to Dr. Hochberg and the team he has assembled over these many years.

When he says that his patients are like family, you can go to the bank on that assertion.

Many thanks.

JP, Ph.D.

“Our entire family goes to CSDA and we love it. Our smiles have improved and our trust is directly tied to their competence (on all staffing levels). Our relationship spans 20 plus years and from the first greeting at reception to the doctor checking in on his/her patient the evening of their procedure…we could not be any more pleased with this group of professionals.

David & Lisa H.

“I’ve been your patient for many years, and you’ve taken great care of my teeth and mouth. Your magazines and coffee make any wait pleasant, not that I’ve ever had to wait that long (except for a famous actor with a toothache who got in ahead of me many years ago.) Your friendly staff has never failed to treat me wonderfully, and Dr. Hochberg, you’re the best.


“Since you are reading this, I’m pleased to tell you that you’ve found an excellent, caring, and gentle dentist. I moved a lot, and I always made sure that I found the best dentist I could. Now my wife and I are very happy to be with Dr. Hochberg and his warm and professional staff. My soothing and efficient hygienist, Cheryl, gives me a warm welcome – and then the cleanest teeth in town! I leave smiling!

Wesley S.

“An amazing and rare mix of competence, professionalism, caring and friendliness in a dental office. I have been a patient here for more than 25 years and I have had 25 great years of positive experiences. Dr. Hochberg takes much time to explain options in your dental care and arrives at well-thought out plans to deal with any issues that need attention. Not all dentists listen well to patients; Dr. Hochberg does!

Lynn Y.

“I saw Dr. Diora on an Emergency basis a couple months ago and she did an amazing job. I work in construction and had a mishap that broke my tooth in half. She was able to see me the same day and repaired my entire tooth. No one at work could believe how good it looked the next day!

Albert M.

“Dr. Hochberg and I have worked together to design a multi-step treatment plan to address my dental needs and aesthetic concerns. So far, we have completed the first phase of a fairly lengthy dental plan, and I am pleased when I see my smile in the mirror or pictures. No one looks forward to dental work, but, at Colony Square Dental, I have received excellent patient care and feel I am in the best place to make decisions with Dr. Hochberg’s professional guidance as to what phase two will involve. My ultimate goal is not to achieve the perfect smile but rather one that makes me feel more confident and comfortable with my appearance. With Dr. Hochberg and his team at Colony Square Dental, I know that I am well on my way to getting there.

Jennifer M.

Actual Dental Patient at Colony Square Dental in Atlanta
“My experience with Colony Square Dental Associates has been wonderful. The people are exceptional, from the reception personnel who cheerfully greet me upon entry to the clinical assistants who are gracious in the attitude and care, to Dr. Hochberg and his associates who are both clinically skilled and thorough with their patient teaching. The time and effort devoted to the technical and cosmetic applications resulting in a fresh look for my old teeth demonstrated the care and attention each member of the team showed me culminating in an excellent result and my high level of personal satisfaction. I am convinced that no one will provide any better dental service than does Dr. Hochberg & Associates.

Tim P.

Actual Dental Patient at Colony Square Dental in Atlanta
“I am writing to express my gratitude for such a beautiful smile. I came to you in 1985 with dental work which did not function properly, chewing and eating was very painful to say the least. The following year you replaced my dental work with implants which gave me a more natural feel without pain, along with a wonderful smile.
Now twenty-five + years later, 2013 you have updated my smile with a younger, whiter more beautiful look (with the same implants) Talk about longevity. Keeping up with the latest and current procedures, tools and etc is a testament to your dedication and care for your patients and your practice.
I would also like to say that your dental office is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The staff members are professional, attentive, down to earth and stylish.
Again thank you for the superior dental work and care.

Salle C.

“Fifty three years ago I entered this dental office as a scared teen-ager with crooked teeth and numerous cavities. I immediately had my fears laid to rest with the caring attitudes of all employed therein. Having put my oral health in their capable hands all these years, I now, not only have straight healthy teeth, but I have even been given my smile back! I am truly grateful, not only for the highest professional and capable dental work, but also that the kindness and courtesy of everyone there has never wanting.

Gene B.

Actual Dental Patient at Colony Square Dental in Atlanta
“My family has been patients of Dr. Hochberg and Colony Square Dental for over twenty years. In choosing a dental practice, we couldn’t be happier and have remained patients for the duration because of the wonderful treatment we have received. Dr. Hochberg and his staff have always treated us like members of the family. They are so kind to my husband and myself, and are especially good at treating our children. Dr. Hochberg has done beautiful work in placing my cosmetic veneers and I get so many compliments on how natural looking my smile is. Dr. Hochberg and his staff demonstrate a level of excellence which is not often seen in many dental practices.

Denise A.

Actual Dental Patient at Colony Square Dental in Atlanta
“My reason for coming to Colony Square Dental Associates is very simple. It is very convenient in the heart of Midtown. My very first experience was a pleasant one. When I walked into the dental office I knew I was in the right place. The staff was outstanding, welcoming me with a beautiful smile. Dr. Hochberg and Dr. Friedman are sensitive to your dental needs by making sure you leave with a healthy and beautiful smile. Also making sure that your visit is comfortable and pleasant. I would recommend them to my family and friends.

Lynn R.

Actual Dental Patient at Colony Square Dental in Atlanta
“I have been a patient of Dr. Hochberg for a number of years. I have total confidence in the quality of care I have received from him and his team. Routine check-ups and cleanings as well as care for more urgent issues have been handled with professionalism, thoroughness and timeliness. In addition, visiting the offices of Colony Square Dental Associates is always a pleasant experience. Doctors, hygienists and receptionists are all caring, pleasant and efficient. The office is state-of-the-art’ as well as the care provided. In summary, my experience with Dr. Hochberg, Dr. Friedman and Colony Square Dental Associates has been the most effective and pleasant dental care I have ever had. I have recommended them to both friends and family.

Russ B.

Actual Dental Patient at Colony Square Dental in Atlanta
“I have been a patient at Colony Square Dental Associates for ten years and have enjoyed the services and treatment throughout this time. The dentists and staff are the best in the business from the warm greetings I receive the moment I sign-in to the quick and efficient manner I am treated whilst there. The offices are beautifully appointed and modern and the equipment is state-of-the-art and well maintained. I always feel like the best dental office in the city is handling me. Your wish as a patient is that you have a neighborhood atmosphere and a professional experience while having your dental work and check-ups done. That is what you get at Colony Dental Associates.

Jon W.

“The patient-Doctor relationship with Dr. Hochberg & Associates has been extremely pleasant. What a delight it is to be greeted by people who care about your dental visit. Dr. Hochberg and his staff take a personal interest in their patients who come to the office. He is gentle and definitely a pain free dentist. They are professional and the at the same time keep you at ease. My dental experience with Dr. Hochberg covers over 30 years which includes cosmetic & dental implants. Additionally, his team provides all the services that general dentists provide such as: cleanings, fillings, crowns and general dental care. Whatever level of dental care you may require, rest assured that you will be in the hands of a true dental artisan.

Larry C.

Actual Dental Patient at Colony Square Dental in Atlanta
“It is a joy to visit Dr. Hochberg and his top notch staff. He is very friendly, patient and competent. He restored two crowns and matched them perfectly. The hygienists are attentive, thorough, very professional, and always mindful of the patient’s comfort and minimizing pain. His staff is also friendly and knowledgeable, and I feel like I’m in good hands whenever I come in for a visit. The renovated office is a state of the art dental masterpiece! I have recommended Dr. Hochberg to many of my friends and they love him just as much as I do!
Michelle M.

Actual Dental Patient at Colony Square Dental in Atlanta
“We cannot say enough about Dr. Hochberg, both as a person and a dentist. Not to mention his outstanding staff that is like family. What we find so impressive about Colony Square Dental Associates is their professionalism and sincere concern for our dental health. The office is top of the line and continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We actually look forward to our dental appointments.

Thank you Phil and Lesley

Actual Dental Patient at Colony Square Dental in Atlanta
“Colony Square Dental has been great at providing me the best care for my teeth. Dr. Hochberg’s procedures and talent gave me back my smile and Phyllis has kept me smiling. Though I’ve moved out of the city, I keep coming back because I trust and appreciate the staff and the decisions we make together on my oral healthcare.

Ed S.

Actual Dental Patient at Colony Square Dental in Atlanta
“My best dental experience ever. From the moment I walked in for my first appointment, I was greeted at the front desk with warm and friendly smiles. I was treated as if I had been their patient all of my life. I thought to myself, I am at the right place. The staff is very professional yet adds a personal touch to your treatment. The ambiance is so relaxing. Everyone is highly trained and current on the latest dental advances, treatment options and seek continuing education in their field of expertise. I am very happy that my husband brought me here for my dental needs. I am completely comfortable and have complete confidence in the advice and treatment I receive. Thank you for such a great experience!

Anne J.

“I am pleased to write a brief testimonial regarding Colony Square Dental Associates. I was referred by a friend who was really excited about the services she received as a patient at Colony Square Dental Associates. I must say that everything she mentioned to me was true. The Doctors and Office Staff make you feel like a queen, everybody is so polite and concerned about you as a patient. They make you feel important. Their services are second to none. Dr. Hochberg was always willing to answer any questions, always making me feel like his most important patient. He takes care and pride in his works using the highest quality laboratories. I have recommended other family members who are happy and pleased with the services rendered to them. I highly recommend you as a patient as you view this website. I give Colony Square Dental Associates a 5-Star–*****.


Actual Dental Patient
“I have been a patient of Dr. David G. Hochberg for more than 30 years. Dr. Hochberg and his staff are all outstanding examples of the professionalism, courtesy, attention to details and genuine concern for the health and well-being of their patients. I have complete trust and confidence in this office. One of the many reasons for this trust and confidence is that Dr. Hochberg stays abreast of the current trends and new developments in dentistry by regularly attending conferences, seminars and meetings on the subject of dental care. He truly demonstrates an uncommon zeal for continuing education. This continuing education is also extended to members of Dr. Hochberg’s staff, because they routinely accompany him and also attend various conferences, meetings and seminars. Over the years of my association with Dr. Hochberg and his staff, I have and will continue to refer my family and friends to him for all their dental concerns and needs. If you are in need of dental care and want to be treated by a true leader in the field, Dr. Hochberg and his staff is your one stop shop for superior treatment and care.

Catherine J.

Actual Dental Patient
“Dr. Hochberg was the first doctor we found after our move to Atlanta, from Baton Rouge, in 1987. Since then, we have had numerous successful procedures performed by Dr. Hochberg and his team of professionals ranging from regular tooth cleaning and crowns to a tooth implant. We appreciate the way everyone in the office takes a personal interest in us. We no longer work in mid-town, but continue to drive 30 miles to keep our appointments with this fine people.

Richard and Sue E.

Actual Dental Patient
Best in the world! From the fancy coffee machine (in the lobby) to state of the art technology in all treatment rooms. Wow! Flat screen TV and headphones are just some of the perks. I hardly know that I’m at the dentist!
Emily S.

“It is an honor for me to write a brief testimonial regarding Colony Square Dental Associates. Having been referred by a friend, I cannot tell you the warmth that I felt and the personal touch given to me on my first visit by the Doctors and Staff. You feel important on every visit for everybody in the office greets you with a smile and calls you by your first name. Your care as a patient is second to none. Dr. Hochberg takes great pride in this works. He is going to make sure you are pleased as a patient when he finishes whatever you had done. I give Colony Square Dental Associates a 5-Star–*****. If you are looking for a wonderful and competent dentist DO NOT hesitate to pick Dr. Hochberg. I highly recommend you as a patient as you view this website.