Teeth Whitening? Not So fast!

“Can’t I just whiten my teeth at home?” Read on to learn why it’s important for teeth whitening to be prescribed and performed by a professional.

We’ve all seen them, those bulky little boxes of whitening strips and gel potions, calling out our name from the aisles as we casually pick up a fresh tube of toothpaste. I would even bet that more than a few of you have left the store clutching that box, hoping that the $50 will be worth it. After all, you don’t know much about how to use them properly or what chemicals are involved. The most common side effects of at home whitening are: tooth sensitivity and gum sensitivity. There are a few things that should be considered prior to using at-home bleaching treatments.

Heading into the office for a check-up should always be your first step when WhiteningBlogreaching for a whiter smile. A dental professional can help you establish whether your mouth is healthy enough to withstand a bleaching treatment. If deep cavities are present, the bleach can have a straight shot to the blood vessels present in your teeth. The bleach can also gain access to the nerve and bone at the root of the tooth through a deep cavity. Just as you should not start any diet or exercise regimen without getting checked out by a physician, you should also take the same precaution with teeth enhancing treatments.

When a dental professional performs a whitening treatment, the gum area is protected at application. This is another great reason to opt for in-office whitening as the professional products used by dentists contain only high quality ingredients that are gentler on your teeth!

Our office provides a state-of-the-art procedure called ZOOM! ® Whitening. This procedure begins with a short preparation to protect all areas of the mouth. Then we’ll apply the ZOOM! ® Whitening Gel and turn on a specially designed light to activate the gel. A five-minute fluoride treatment completes the procedure. This method is fast, safe, and very effective.

A whiter, brighter smile gives the impression of youth. We perceive a white, bright smile as a healthy smile. Save yourself the sensitivity and see us today!

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