Patient Review

On December 31, I had an appointment with Dr. Diora and Karren Dennegall. I have to admit that I was dreading it because anything associated with having work done on my teeth that involves cutting, drilling or filling has generally resulted in discomfort, pain, sometimes thrush, and miserable recovery time (none of which you did, by the way). That’s why I’ve been so grateful my childhood fillings have lasted 50 years. The people who work in your office are always polite, cheerful and considerate. Even your other Karen, my poor hygienist, who has suffered through cleaning these crowded teeth every few months since 2002, still greets me happily when I come in. It seems wild to be able to say this, but even though my dread increased as we headed for the room, when I actually got there and settled into the chair, Karren was able to make the visit feel more like an adventure than a filling. Throughout the entire procedure they: • explained everything they were going to do as they were doing it so I could be prepared for what was going to happen. • were very sensitive to my comfort level and made sure I was as pain free as possible considering the circumstances. • showed me what they had done to the tooth and made sure it was comfortable for me to chew. • were cheerful, upbeat and fun in their approach. I am generally resistant to anything that restricts my movement because it makes me feel like a prisoner or kidnap victim. I’ve got to tell you, however, that the gadget they put in my mouth to hold it open seemed a little daunting at first, but being relieved of the responsibility of keeping it open and holding my tongue out of the way allowed me to relax. It really reduced my stress. I’m writing today to tell you that although I started the appointment with dread, getting this tooth filled actually turned out to be a delightful experience. (How many people in this world can say that?) I left feeling great, have had absolutely no pain, and can truthfully say that I’ll look forward to the next time a filling fails. Thank you all so much!!! Charlotte Swafford

- Charlotte S

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