Composite Tooth Fillings

Repairing Cavities with Dental Fillings

Restoring Health and Natural Appearance

Unlike silver fillings that contain mercury and have several drawbacks, composite resin fillings offer many advantages.

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Composite fillings, also known as white or tooth-colored fillings, are used to restore health and function when teeth are damaged by decay.

With their natural color, composite resin fillings are undetectable in the tooth; no one will know you’ve had a cavity repaired. As a result most patients prefer them.

Made of resins and porcelain, composites are mercury-free. They are chemically bonded to the tooth surface with light activation, helping to strengthen the tooth and resist fracture.

Composites are also used for cosmetic purposes. They are ideal in the front of the mouth to close gaps and repair chipped areas; when used in this capacity, it is called tooth bonding.

The Result of High-quality Composite Fillings is a Healthy Smile

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