Preparing to Travel Out of the Country

Dental Tips & Information You Should Know Prior to Packing Your Luggage

Like many of you, the team here at CSDA is busy making travel plans for the summer. Our practice will be departing for New York City next week in fact, for our annual trip! However, not everyone has the convenience of bringing their dentist along with them. And for those of you who are traveling out of the country, it is especially important that you are prepped with the proper information needed should a dental emergency arise.

There are a few things to consider when you find yourself in need of dental care outside of the U.S.

  • How will you locate an experienced dentist with proper qualifications in a foreign country?
  • Do they accept U.S. currency, and if not, what is their method and/or fee to process your credit card payment?
  • Does your dental benefits cover treatments performed outside of the United States? And if so, to what extent?
  • If your procedure has a complication during or after, are you prepared to travel back to the out of country doctor who treated you? What are your legal rights?
  • Are the doctors treating you practicing safe infection control procedures? (The dentist should wear clean examination gloves and a mask. Also, the dental instruments used should always be properly sterilized.)

Before packing your luggage for your getaway destination, you might consider scheduling a precautionary appointment with Dr. Hochberg or Dr. Diora. It may decrease the need for an emergency based visit elsewhere. If there are any areas of concern, the doctors may be able to catch it quickly prior to your departure. And will then be able to prepare you with aftercare instructions and how to best monitor that area while you are away.

Enjoy your travels with a smile and worry less. We will be sharing all of our own adventures in NYC with you all very soon!

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