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Q. How long have you been practicing in Colony Square?

A. We have been located in Colony Square for over 30 years.

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Q. Do you take new patients?

A. We are always happy to welcome new patients! Give us a call, stop in and meet us, take an office tour … we’re happy to partner with you to meet your dental healthcare needs!

Meet Us

Q. Do you have a dentist to respond to emergency calls?

A. We have two dentists in our practice. Drs. Hochberg, Diora and To are available to handle emergency situations. Just give our office a call. We are usually able to offer an appointment with one of our doctors that same day. And, if you are a patient of record and have an emergency after hours, our office recorder provides easy instructions on how to reach our doctor on call. Drs. Hochberg, Diora or To will respond to your emergency concerns…yes that is 24/7!

Q. Where is Colony Square?

A. Colony Square is conveniently located in the heart of Midtown, Atlanta, at the intersection of 14th Street and Peachtree Street. As the very first mixed use complex in Atlanta it houses residential units, businesses, services, restaurants and the W Hotel. The 100 Colony Square Building is directly on the corner. It’s also in close proximity to MARTA rapid rail at the Arts Center Station. Our office is on floor #12, Suite 1210. Any questions? Call us at Colony Square Dental Associates, Atlanta Phone Number 404-874-6464.

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Q. Is there parking at Colony Square? And how much does it cost to park at Colony Square?

A. There are three levels of underground parking at Colony Square. A set of elevators located in the center of the decks will take you to the lobby of Colony Square … Just a short walk to the 100 Building lobby and a ride up to the 12th floor, Suite 1210. And, as a courtesy to all our patients, we validate your parking. There is no cost to you. Just bring up your parking ticket and we will stamp it for you when you leave.

Q. Is the office wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes, there is an accessible lift on the Red Level of the parking deck that takes you to elevators in the 100 building…just ride up to the 12th floor. There is also an elevator on this level of the deck. However, it accesses the 400 building; you would go to the lobby level of Colony Square, go through the lobby area and enter the lobby of the 100 building. Once in our office both our reception room and operatories are accessible.

To ensure your comfort

Q. What amenities do you have in your office?

A. Our reception room and operatories, with wonderful views, are professionally designed with your comfort in mind. We have a refreshment bar with water, the latest magazines, complimentary WiFi, and treatment rooms with music and TV.

Q. What if I’m afraid of going to the dentist?

A. We have patients come to us saying they had been fearful in the past and happy they selected us. Our entire treatment team and business staff are warm and welcoming, our office is relaxing and soothing and we have the tools and techniques, including The Wand® for injections and conscious sedation to enhance your comfort. But, most importantly, we listen to you, address your concerns and work as a team to ensure you leave with a smile on your face.

For your Comfort / Sedation Dentistry

Q. What does topical gel do?

A. The gel is placed on the gum tissue to provide a numbing effect lessening the sensation of an injection. Oftentimes our patients ask, “When are you doing the injection?” And it’s already done!

Q. Do you have Nitrous Oxide, laughing gas?

A. Yes we do. Many patients find this eases any concerns when they are having dental care.

Q. How do you sterilize equipment?

A.  Our reusable instruments are sterilized after each and every use.  Our single use supplies are disposed of after utilization. We follow the guidelines set by the American Dental Association (ADA) and the CDC for infectious disease control standards.  Our sterilization center is viewable for all to see and our team is happy to explain the steps taken to ensure your safety.

What age patients do you treat?

Q. What age should I bring my children to the dentist?

A. We always enjoy meeting the younger generation. We typically provide a first dental hygiene session before your child’s third birthday. However, oftentimes we take a little time when your youngster is 1 -2 years old to have the parent come in with the child, discuss how to best help your child have healthy teeth, answer questions and help your child become comfortable in our office.

Pediatric Dentistry

Q. Do seniors have unique dental needs?

A. We have a very diverse patient family from toddlers to patients in their 90s. As we age different issues can present and we are here to ensure that our patients maintain their oral health through the years. For example, there are many medications that are often prescribed for seniors with the side effect of a dry mouth. This decrease in salivary flow can cause a patient to become increasingly subject to dental decay, periodontal disease and tooth loss. We monitor our patients, make recommendations and work together so that our patients have a healthy smile throughout their lives.

Dental Procedures


Q. What Services do you provide?

A. We provide a full range of dental care from preventive measures with our dental hygienists, to restorative/general services, dental implant surgical placement and restoration to a full complement of cosmetic dentistry to enhance your smile. Please refer to your specific area of interest to learn more.

Q. What kind of fillings does your office do? Do you do silver fillings?

A. We use composite resin and ceramic materials to restore your teeth. They are designed to chemically bond to the remaining tooth, providing additional strength and also creating a natural appearance. Over the years the silver-mercury filling has fallen out of favor, due to concerns about the mercury on the part of the patient and its unnatural appearance in the mouth.


Q. Do you make dentures?

A. Yes, we work with our patients who are in need of or desire dentures. Since Dr. Hochberg began practicing this has been a service offered for patients missing all of their natural teeth. However, today there are other options to offer patients, such as dental implants that can offer a more comfortable and natural-appearing solution.

Q. Do you do “Same Day Dentures”?

A. Yes, we do same-day dentures or what is referred to as immediate dentures. This type of prosthesis requires follow up care to provide our patient with a special relines as after the teeth are removed and healing is completed the fit of the denture can change and become loose. The reline helps improve the fit and lessen any slippage.

Q. What is the difference between an onlay and a crown?

A. Dental onlays and crowns are indicated to restore a tooth that has lost a significant part of the chewing surface as the result of fracture and/or decay. An onlay is a more conservative restoration requiring less drilling and can be placed if the fracture is more localized, allowing for the remaining health tooth structure to be left untouched. A dental crown is necessary if the breakdown is more advanced and the entire remaining tooth requires reshaping.

Onlays/Crown videos

Q. Why do you use a laser when making a dental crown?

A. We utilize a laser to help create a more accurate impression of the tooth at and below the gum line. Placing a retraction cord under the gum is no longer required. The laser simply removes a very small thickness of tissue, providing a clean interface at the gum line and ultimately a more precise impression. The laser also eliminates post-treatment discomfort, which is often associated with the retraction cord technique.

Q. If working on the bottom tooth why take an impression of the top?

A. The opposing arch is always taken into consideration so the restoration of the tooth being treated can be fabricated in a manner to ensure that the bite is even on its neighbor above or below.

Q. If the doctor says I need care, can I wait?

A. Dental decay, or disease left untreated, does not heal itself. Typically, the problems progress in size and scope, requiring a more involved and costly solution. Even a small area of decay, left untreated, could end up requiring a dental crown. A tooth in need of a dental crown could end up requiring a root canal. And, we have even seen the unfortunate event of patients waiting too long requiring the loss of the tooth.

Q. Can I take antibiotics for infection in lieu of doing a Root Canal?

A. The administration of antibiotics is not the solution for a dental infection. The cause, or etiology, is a necrotic nerve in the canal area of the root. This requires cleaning and a special filling as part of root canal therapy.

If treatment is not provided when indicated the infection will return once the antibiotic is stopped.

Q. Are you a TMJ specialist?

A. There is not a currently a recognized ADA specialty for the treatment of TMJ problems. We do treat patients who have oral-facial discomfort that includes the joint and surrounding muscles.

Q. Do you make sleep guards?

A. Yes we do. Often our patients grind their teeth at night causing wear on the chewing surface of their teeth. Also, a patient who experiences TMJ discomfort is often grinding or clenching in their sleep; the guard oftentimes alleviates this problem. Some patients even find that this helps reduce snoring!

Financial Considerations

Q. How much is dental care going to cost?

A. Each case is as unique as is our individual patient. In many cases there are various ways to restore a patient to health. Depending on our patient’s expectations and needs, treatment plans, and their associated fees, are discussed in detail with the patient before proceeding with care. We work as a team to select the best plan for each patient to optimize their health with their financial considerations in mind.

Q. Do you have payment plans?

A. Yes, reference above statement. We take Visa®, MasterCard® or Amex. Many patients also find that they are eligible for CareCredit to help finance care. We are always happy to work with all patients to ensure that they receive optimal care within their budgetary constraints.

Q. I don’t have dental insurance. Can you help me with a payment plan?

A. Yes, our business staff will discuss all options available to help you receive the care you desire.

Q. Will you file to my insurance company?

A. Yes, as a courtesy to our patients, we file to dental insurance carriers that allow the patient to go to a dentist of their own choosing. We do our utmost to assist patients in maximizing their benefits. Ask us for a complimentary copy of the American Dental Association’s booklet on Dental Insurance.

Q. Why don’t you participate in dental networks?

A.  In order to provide patients with personalized care, a highly trained and experience treatment team, top United States labs, superior materials and the time necessary to achieve this level of service and quality, we do not participate in discounted in-network fee programs. Our goal is to offer treatment recommendations solely to maintain and restore our patient’s health. We only recommend care that is in the patient’s best interest.

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