Oral Health and Pregnancy

Hearing your doctor proclaim, “Yes, you are pregnant – Congratulations!” is the beginning of a very exciting time in your life. While you are selecting a name for your little one, baby clothes and a crib, your body is going through many changes. Your obstetrician will tell you about special vitamins, exercise and diet. But they might not tell you how pregnancy affects your oral health. That’s why Drs. Hochberg and Diora are available to provide you with needed information and the preventive care that is so important during this special time.

You may know that both brushing and flossing help maintain one’s dental health. And periodic visits to your hygienist help remove harmful plaque and calculus. But did you know that these visits are even more essential while pregnant and as your baby develops? Oftentimes during pregnancy women notice that their gums become inflamed. Called ‘Pregnancy Gingivitis’, many patients find that their gums are tender as well as being red and puffy. Our goal is to ensure that this does not progress into a more serious problem. And both Drs. Hochberg and Diora are on hand to offer special tips to avoid dental concerns. For example, to those experiencing morning sickness; we suggest rinsing with a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water. This helps to remove acid that may accumulate on the surface of your teeth.

And while some oral health manifestations occur due to hormonal changes, others arise merely due to dietary changes. It’s always been said that pregnant woman experience food cravings. This is often true – and more often than not it’s the ice cream rather than the pickle that wins out. With the intake of extra sweets and between meal snacking there is an increased risk of tooth decay. Low-sugar snacks help decrease this worry. And choosing snacks and foods rich in calcium, phosphorous and protein that contain vitamins A, C and D not only help keep mom healthy but also helps your baby. Did you know that a baby’s teeth begin developing during the third to six month of a pregnancy? You are truly watching what you eat for the wellbeing of two!

IMG_0002Letting us know what stage of pregnancy you are in when making appointments and keeping us abreast of any changes in your medications or recommendations from your physician will help ensure that we successfully work together throughout your pregnancy. Should we note signs of dental disease we may opt to consult with your doctor before proceeding with care or wait until your baby is born. However, dental emergencies do arise. And if an x-ray is needed, we will cover you with a lead apron to protect you and your baby.

Remember, when you stay healthy you are helping keep your baby healthy. We’re looking forward to meeting all our next generations of patients with beautiful teeth and big happy smiles. With that being said, we are delighted to announce that Coreisha is expecting her second child! An integral member of our front office team, we are overjoyed for her and wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy. Congratulations!

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