A toast to Tap Water!

The month of February is set aside as National Children’s Dental Health Month by the American Dental Association (ADA). But everyday, helping our children maintain bright happy smiles for their lifetime is our goal at Colony Square Dental Associates. This year’s ADA theme, “Choose Tap Water for a Sparkling Smile”, was the focus for our visit to Primrose, a neighborhood school. We asked the class of Kindergarten students, if they knew that a simple glass of tap water is a super ally in our fight against dental decay. Dr. Mira Diora, accompanied by Ms. Toothbrush and Ms. Toothpaste (aka Karren, Dr. Diora’s dental assistant, and Candice, with our front office team), were on hand to explain how the fluoride in our tap water helps fight against cavities.


How does this work? Simply put, the outer portion of our teeth, called enamel, is comprised of both phosphate and calcium, combining to form a structure that is actually stronger than our bones. And our salvia, which is composed of both elements, is constantly flowing in our mouths, keeping the tooth surface strong. But, some of carbohydrate rich foods that we eat combine with natural occurring bacteria in our mouth creating an acid. This acid becomes the enemy of the phosphate and calcium protection. The result? An opportunity for the tooth to become susceptible to decay.

Over 70 years ago, the surgeon general stated that fluoride, a chemical substance formed by joining fluorine and sodium, was shown to reduce cavities. It helps our young children even before their adult teeth erupt. Fluorides found in foods and our water help teeth develop with stronger enamel. And the fluoride added into our toothpastes and our tap water, combines with our saliva forming fluoroapatite, which has been found to help prevent the formation of cavities.


All good news! Watching diets, teaching how to floss & brush (with an ADA approved toothpaste), regular dental visits and a glass of tap water will help to keep our children’s teeth healthy. Just ask – Dr. David Hochberg, Dr. Mira Diora and our clinical team are on hand to answer any questions and provide you and your children the tips and tools needed for a lifetime of healthy smiles.


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