Dental Implants FAQ

Q. Do you offer dental implants?

A. We have been providing dental implant procedures since 1984. Dr. Hochberg has been trained to both surgically place and restore dental implants. It is a procedure that has improved the quality of life for many of our patients over the past thirty years.

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Q. Why do a dental implant instead of a dental bridge?

A. Dental implants are a localized procedure involving only the site where the tooth, or teeth, are missing or need to be removed. A dental bridge requires the support teeth on either side of the space to be reshaped in order to support a dental bridge.

Q. What goes on top of the dental implant?

A. An implant is really an artificial tooth root made of titanium. The surrounding bone anchors the dental implant and then an extension is secured to the dental implant. This is called the abutment, which serves to support the cemented dental crown.

Q. After an extraction how long is it before the dental implant is placed?

A. An implant can often be placed at the time a tooth is extracted. This immediate placement procedure is dependent on the health of the surrounding bone and the absence of infection. If an immediate placement protocol is not indicated then a bone graft is placed in the socket and a three-to-four month period is allowed for the area to heal. Then, the dental implant is secured and a three-to-four month time frame for bone maturation takes place prior to fabrication of the final crown.

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Q. How long does a dental implant last?

A. A dental implant does not have an expiration date. It lasts as long as a healthy interface exists between the dental implant and the surrounding bone. With that said, it is subject to the same problems that caused the loss of the original tooth…this could be a very strong bite, periodontal disease (bone loss), localized infection and systemic illness such as uncontrolled diabetes.

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