When selecting a new dentist, you are making an important decision for you and your family. Many rely on trusted healthcare professionals, family members, and research online. However, research online can be time consuming, and may not provide accurate information on the practice.

tanoperatory1_ver3What should I look for and what questions should I ask when exploring a new dental office?

  • Are you able to schedule a time to visit the office and meet the treatment team? If your schedule permits, a brief office tour will give you both the opportunity to see the the space and see the clinicians at work. You can then answer the question, even before a first visit, Does this feel like a dental office where I feel I’ll be treated well?
  • What dental services are offered? Each dental practice may not offer the same services. If you are interested in Invisalign, cosmetic and restorative procedures, or dental implants, ask! Not all dental offices go beyond a general cleaning and check-ups – it’s important to inquire to ensure that your needs are met.
  • Where is the office located? Offices that are located close to your work, home, or school will be the most convenient. Location adds to the ease of scheduling appointments and arriving to them in a timely manner. However, many patients drive a good distance to a provider that inspires their trust and confidence – the number one criteria for maintaining or restoring your dental health.
  • How are emergencies handled? If you happen to experience a dental emergency, it is important that your dentist has time reserved on his or her schedule to accommodate you. In the event that this urgent need arises after office hours, your dentist should have an on-call doctor that you can reach by phone.
  • Does the dental office take my insurance? If you have dental insurance and want to know if your plan requires you go in-network or includes out-of-network dental coverage, call the patient services number on the back of your insurance card. Once you know the type of coverage you have, ask the dental office if they’re in or out-of-network providers, and if they will file your insurance for you.
  • Are there any types of payment plans for extensive care? Always check to see if other types of payment methods may be accepted, such as Care Credit or major credit cards. Additional information regarding financial questions should be easily answered by a member of the front office with a simple phone call.  


Asking Yourself the Right Questions:

It is vital to ask yourself the right questions when you find a new dental provider. Compiled below are a few general questions that can assist you with making informed decisions.

  • Did your treating dentist discuss the procedures thoroughly and address your concerns?
  • Did the treatment team make your visit comfortable from start to finish?
  • Do all surfaces in the operatory appear to be clean? Did your clinician explain the office’s protocol for sterilization?
  • Does the dentist and their clinicians regularly attend continued education courses/workshops?

Taking the time to ask these questions will make your search for a new dentist successful. A warm and relaxed dental environment that provides quality care is invaluable! Though challenging, we hope this guideline helps you find the right dental office for you and your family.  Whether you’re new to the Midtown Atlanta neighborhood or seeking an office that provides excellent care in a welcoming environment, the dental office of Drs. Hochberg and Diora is available to answer your questions.


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