How can my nutrition affect my dental health?

This question is not one we may typically think about, but it is very important. And, it’s especially true during the current pandemic we are all learning to navigate. With so many trying to recover from the quarantine binges, it’s more important than ever to question how our nutritional choices may have affected our oral health during the time that we were unable to visit the dentist and stuck at home watching tv. It is our hope that this article will serve as a great reminder to get back on track for our oral and overall health. And, as more and more people are able to get their vaccinations and the world begins to re-open up at a gradual rate, we definitely want everyone to feel and look their absolute best. Lets take a look at some good and not-so-good nutritional choices.

As many of us are familiar with the foods that cause damage to our dentition, let’s begin with those that are great for our teeth. Any foods that contain minerals are always good for aiding in strengthening our enamel. This is vital because as we know, the enamel is something that once it’s gone, we can’t get back. The foods that are enriched with calcium and phosphates, but low in sugar, truly work wonders for this cause. And, for those who may be allergic to dairy and need to turn to another alternative, nuts, fish, and eggs are all great replacements as well!

Now let’s take a look at some foods to avoid or to eat very sparingly and with moderation. Of course, the obvious answers are the first to come to mind like sugary foods, wine, excessive acidic foods like tomatoes or citrus, soft drinks, etc. However, there are some that might not “seem” so bad but really aren’t helping your pearly whites. These hidden foods include ice, chips, and dried fruits. It’s always a good rule that when you do enjoy these treats in moderation, you want to chew carefully and have a toothbrush close by.

So the main goal is to stray away from tooth decay and keep a healthy smile for years to come by monitoring your nutrition and staying diligent with your oral hygiene routines. Once you are comfortable to schedule, we certainly recommend a routine dental visit with your hygienist sooner rather than later. As many are behind due to Covid, office closures, and rescheduling to account for social distancing we want to see you in order to catch things early in the event that something unknowingly came up while you were away. And, as our staff here at Colony Square Dental Associates have all been vaccinated, we want to reassure all of our patients and make them feel as comfortable as possible in the dental chair. Our team is ready to tackle anything a lack of nutrition may have caused over the past year. We hope everyone has been brushing and flossing and look forward to seeing you very soon!

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