At Colony Square Dental Associates We Understand Your Dental Anxiety


You’re not alone!

While everyone’s feelings are unique, statistics show that almost 75% of dental patients report some level of emotional discomfort when committing to dental care. Even the idea of visiting the dentist can cause stress for some patients. So, you are not alone. For some, it’s a feeling of unease or anxiety. For others, the sensation is more intense, called a dental phobia that makes even the idea of calling the office overwhelming. For a number of patients, dental anxieties and phobias translate to an avoidance of care, which can result in waiting for dental emergencies and the need for more extensive treatment in the future.

Whatever feelings you are experiencing, the number one tool to ensure that your visit is a relaxing one is communicating with us. Oftentimes, trepidation arises when you plan on undertaking something new or if you have had a prior experience that was not as positive as you’d like. Talk to Dr. Hochberg, Dr. Diora and Dr. To; it will help us better serve you. And if we have left any questions about your up-and-coming care unanswered – please ask. A major key to reducing anxiety is to be informed about what to expect during treatment and after.

Oral Health is Important for the Health of Your Whole Body.

Don’t let fear stand in the way of good dental care! We can help you get the care that you need.

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And there are some easy techniques to help reduce anxiety, such as:

  • Plan your appointment around a favorite TV show. With all rooms on windows and equipped with music and TV, our soothing environment helps set the stage for a relaxing appointment. Distractions help to take your mind off of treatment and pass the time.
  • Just like in any anxiety-producing situation, relaxation Breathing Techniques are tools that many doctors recommend when a patient is anxious. Read about the ways to train your breathing and concentrate on the exterior views.
  • If you have a longer appointment and are concerned about the length of time you’ll be sitting, discuss Break Times in advance with Dr. Hochberg, Dr. Diora, and their assistants. Formulating a plan so you know that you’ll have a few minutes to sit up or use the restroom is helpful.
  • Some patients express that they are worried they may feel something, but won’t be able to say something. We’ll set Hand Signals with you before the procedure begins. We decide in advance that raising your left or right hand will be our signal to stop and be sure you are comfortable.
  • Along with these non-medication calming techniques, we will also review the types of oral anesthetic available as well as options for Oral Sedation.

Our goal is to help you achieve the best overall health possible. And excellent oral health is an important part of that plan. Let’s work together to be sure that anxieties and phobias don’t stand in your way. We’ll discuss your needs and develop a plan that puts you at ease.

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