Frequently Asked Questions About Botox

Is Botox FDA-approved?

Yes! Botox received its first FDA approval back in 1989 for addressing certain eye-related muscle disorders. Over the years, its approvals have expanded. In 2010, the FDA gave the green light for using injectable Botox to treat migraines. More recently, in 2020, its approval was extended to encompass the treatment of Cervical Dystonia, which involves muscle contractions in the neck and shoulders. So, it’s been quite a journey of FDA approvals for Botox!

How is Botox administered?

When it comes to administering Botox, it’s done through injections using a very fine needle. This allows for precise delivery of the medication.

Is anesthesia utilized for Botox injections?

Since the needle used for Botox injections is quite thin and typically feels like a small pinch, there’s usually no need for an injectable anesthetic. However, if some level of numbing is required, providers often use a topical numbing agent or even a simple ice pack to ensure your comfort. So, you can rest assured that the process is designed to be as comfortable as possible.

How long does it take to have Botox injections?

The process of getting Botox injections is quite efficient. Generally, the actual injections themselves usually take around 10 minutes to complete.

Will control of my facial expressions be impacted?

No, Botox targets specific muscles at the injection site, allowing them to relax. This means that your ability to control facial expressions remains unaffected overall giving you the ability to keep smiling and expressing yourself just as you always have!

Are there potential side effects of Botox?

Like with any treatment, there’s a chance of experiencing side effects, although they’re usually temporary and tend to resolve within a few hours to a few days after the injection. Dr. Diora will thoroughly go over these possible effects with you. It’s also good to note that the potential for an allergic response will be discussed during this conversation. Your safety and understanding are top priorities!

Do I have to repeat Botox injections?

The effects of injectable Botox aren’t permanent, as they gradually wear off over time. While the duration can vary from person to person, it’s common for patients to consider repeating the procedure approximately every 3 to 4 months to maintain the desired results. Your individual response might differ, so Dr. Diora will guide you on the best timing for follow-up injections to keep you looking and feeling your best.

If I don’t return for follow-up Botox injections, when it wears off will my face return to the same appearance as prior to the injection?

Botox doesn’t bring about permanent changes to your facial muscles. When the effects of the medication wear off, your muscles will resume their usual function, including any movements that may contribute to the development of lines or wrinkles. In other words, if you choose not to have follow-up injections, your face will gradually return to its appearance prior to the Botox treatment. It’s all about the temporary nature of the results.