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When Dr. Hochberg was in Chicago for a meeting in April, he took a moment to stop in the American Dental Association (ADA) headquarters. With the up-and-coming Annual ADA meeting in November, he was hopeful to obtain the ‘Schedule of Courses’ hot off the press to bring home. He mentioned to the ADA staff that this is a yearly continuing education opportunity for all Colony Square Dental Associates team members. They were interested in hearing more about his ongoing commitment to have his entire staff continue their learning by attending the meeting and requested an interview with Dr. Hochberg. The article below was written by Jean A. Williams, and featured in the ADA news column on their website.

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Atlanta dental implant team energized with ADA CE

June 09, 2015

By Jean A. Williams

Dr. David Hochberg

Dr. David Hochberg

Atlanta — Attending the ADA annual meeting energizes Dr. David Hochberg’s dental implant-focused practice so much that even the patients know it — and want in on the action.

That’s because Dr. Hochberg makes no secret about how he annually takes his whole team to wherever the meeting is held to enrich their dental skill set through valuable continuing education offerings.

“Early on, I knew that I wanted to offer both our patients and our team the opportunity to obtain and provide state-of-the-art care,” said Dr. Hochberg, who is treasurer of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. His early and ongoing AAID experience with CE, starting in 1984, inspired his education ethic that continues today.

“We spend the months leading up to the ADA annual meeting in planning. Team members’ excitement over the meeting is conveyed to our patients. Our patients see our commitment to continuing education on their behalf and they, too, are excited. Many patients ask if they can join us on the trip.”

Dentistmidtownatlanta.com, Dr. Hochberg’s website, even emphasizes the role of CE in the practice, Colony Square Dental Associates in Midtown Atlanta. He characterizes the chairside value of ADA annual meeting CE as “huge.”

“It’s not only the chairside value,” he said. “It’s the value to the entire team that trickles down to the patients.”

His whole team, including himself and colleague Dr. Mira Diora, brings back valuable lessons that they apply in practice each year, Dr. Hochberg said. As a personal example, he cites a series of courses on soft tissue lasers in addition to related clinical procedures at an ADA annual meeting that he took a few years ago.

“That was a very well-presented series of courses,” Dr. Hochberg said. “You were even able to be hands-on with the different manufacturers of those lasers. I was able to come back to my office that first day and use the techniques that they showed me, whether it was frenectomy or whether it was for a troughing procedure around the tooth prior to making a crown and bridge impression — or even how better to use those around dental implants, which is a focus of my practice.”

Dr. Hochberg, who earned his D.D.S. in 1979 from Emory University School of Dentistry, recalls attending his first ADA annual meeting some 30 years ago in Atlanta.

“When I opened my own practice, I was already acutely aware that the practice of dentistry would continue to evolve, and while reading journals and dental products magazines are a teaser, attendance at CE courses was imperative to provide patients with the best techniques and technology,” he said.

With that as a core principle, Dr. Hochberg started signing up for even more CE experiences, especially at the ADA annual meeting.

ADA 2014: Dr. Hochberg with his dental team at the ADA meeting in San Antonio last year.

“As a new practice owner some 28 years ago, I, along with my dental hygienist, our assistants and front desk, attended the first meeting in Washington, D.C. — the site of this year’s meeting,” Dr. Hochberg said. “My goal was to find a way to learn, distinguish our practice and develop teamwork. I, along with my associates and staff, have attended the annual meeting almost every year. This going-on-30-years tradition has been one that I intend to keep throughout the rest of my years as a practice owner.”

Dr. Hochberg is in the planning stages with his 12-person team for their trip together to D.C. for ADA 2015.

“I believe that my practice has been benefited by attending the ADA meeting with the company of my staff over the years.”

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