CSDA Gives Back | Meals on Wheels Atlanta


Each year our office selects a local organization to be the focal point of our community outreach. This allows each member of our team a chance to give back. Many times we are able to contribute in the form of volunteering or a donation, or both!  We were thrilled to learn that this holiday season we would be giving back to the elderly in our community by means of Meals on Wheels Atlanta.

Meals on Wheels Atlanta has been a supporter of elderly independence for 50 years. With the helping hands of many volunteers, businesses, and donations they assist homebound seniors in many areas. This includes meals, shelter, education, and community to those who many not have access to it otherwise. Their heartfelt vision of ensuring that no Atlanta area senior is hungry, cold, or forgotten is what propelled our office to pursue lending a hand.

With the elders in mind, each team member headed to the local grocery. To make certain that the products purchased were within our healthy food choice guidelines, we were provided with a checklist for precise specifications on what best would suit our seniors. In no time at all, the shopping shoppingcarts began running over with nutritious meals. Non-perishables and canned goods were among the very popular. However, to keep in mind that those we were buying for often times had a very tight spending limit, we too had to budget. It was meant to really allow us to ‘walk in another ones shoes’ and focus on buying the best nutrition for a reasonable price.

After many trips from the trunk of our cars to the center, the grocery bags filled with food were officially
delivered. Meeting the staff and touring the facility was definitely a treat. From different community roomsfilled with fun activities, to sorting rooms where food was divided by category, each member of their staff had a very specific space to display their talent. We were even lucky enough to be thanked personally by their CEO, Charlene Crusoe-Ingram!

groupThis was a great experience for all of us. We are humbled to serve our community and help enrich the lives of the elderly in our area.






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