Continuing our Dental Education

Continuing Our Dental Education

At Colony Square Dental Associates


For over 30 years we have done our utmost to provide our patients with quality dental care in a comfortable environment. This entails not only the smiles our front office team and clinicians sport every day and their caring nature, but also includes our ability to offer state-of-the-art dental services.

Dr. Hochberg at the Glidewell booth.

Hygienists Cheryl, Karen and Gina

As with all aspects of our healthcare, new information related to our oral health is frequently updated and augmented. And on TV and in the drug stores we see new products that are developed to help prevent cavities, brighten our teeth, protect the enamel of our teeth and so on. And, equally as important, products and techniques are enhanced frequently providing Drs. Hochberg & Diora with the tools to both optimize your oral health and enhance the aesthetics of your smile.



Front office team Sharon, Mariah, Lori and Tiffany.

But, to be kept abreast of all that is available in the dental field takes a commitment – a commitment to putting time and energies into continuing dental education.We, at Colony Square Dental Associates, are pleased to say that we regularly attend courses approved by the American Dental Association as one way to learn about the ‘latest and greatest’ so that we can offer you optimal dentistry. Just last week our clinicians and business team members attended the annual Hinman Dental Meeting held each year in Atlanta. They will be happy to share their new knowledge with you.

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