Colony Square Dental Associates – Making A Difference

For the past 30 years, Colony Square Dental Associates has had the privilege of serving generations of patients in the Midtown area. In honor of these many years well spent, we elected to host a ‘Like & Share’ Challenge on our Facebook page. Since the beginning of the year, an outpouring of patients, visitors, and friends all did their part to support our cause and participate in our contribution. Located only three miles from our practice, the Atlanta Community Food bank was chosen to be the recipient of our charitable donation this year.

hochberg1On the morning of our ‘Team Day’, each member of our staff, including Drs. Hochberg and Diora, met bright and early at the food bank to volunteer. Many hands were needed, as there was plenty to do – including sorting food, checking expiration dates, and boxing meals and supplies. We are ecstatic to announce that we were able prepare 11,567 pounds of food; which in turn created 7,910 meals for the needy children and families in our community.
In addition to volunteering, it was our honor to also provide the food bank with a cash donation, to recognize all of our patients who participated in our Facebook Challenge. Upon tallying the final number, we were able to compile a noteworthy amount of ‘Likes & Shares’. It was decided to multiply this number by three to represent the three decades spent in Colony Square. Every $1.00 donated allows the food bank to purchase $9.36 worth of food. With our contribution we estimate the food bank will be able to purchase approximately $24,000.00 worth of food!

hochberg2Finally, we wrapped up our ‘Team Day’ with a well-deserved lunch at JCT Kitchen and Bar in West Midtown. This was followed by a visit to the Warby Parker store to pick up some nice eyewear for our trip to Las Vegas, Nevada in the fall. Thank you to Dr. Hochberg for treating us after a long day of volunteering. And a big Thank You to our patients for helping us help others.

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