Advanced Dental Technology

DigitalXRayOne’s oral health has become recognized as an integral part of one’s overall health. And there are times when systemic illness is diagnosed during a routine dental hygiene visit. Both Dr. Hochberg and Dr. Diora take this responsibility seriously. To ensure that we are helping your stay your healthy best, our office uses the most advanced technology available, which goes beyond your two to three times a year ‘dental cleaning’.

Intraoral cameras

You will notice that all of our operatories are equipped with digital intraoral cameras. This tool provides our patients with a viewable image of what our dentists see and helps patients understand treatment needs. An informed decision can then be made by the patient with guidance from the doctor and their suggested plan of treatment. In essence, this image helps you see what your healthcare provider is seeing. And when there is dental problem or a treatment recommendation we also have a library of educational videos. They are excellent way to further explain the nature of dental problems, treatment recommendations and post-operative instructions. Many of these videos are also made available to you online.

Cone Beam Scans
Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a diagnostic scan using CAD-CAM technology and is taken using a specialized machine. Drs. Hochberg and Diora commonly use this method to obtain a 3D image in order to evaluate a patient for an implant surgery. This image allows our dentists to determine tooth position, bone volume, location of vital structures such as nerves in the jaw area and areas of pathology. Using an isolated cone beam scan not only produces an excellent image, it is done with minimal exposure to radiation.


As you have most likely gathered, our office is devoted in continuously researching new ways to stay at the leading edge of dental technology. We believe that our regular attendance at continuing education seminars, continued correspondence with our equipment supply representatives on the latest products and eagerness to expand our dental knowledge is what sets our practice apart.

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