Advanced Dental Technology – 3Shape TRIOS Scanner

More Than an Impression

Traditional impression techniques involve a tray, impression material, plaster stone and a waiting time for the material to set into a solid model. While this method has been around for decades, and is still utilized in many dental offices, there are drawbacks. They are time consuming, may require retakes and oftentimes are uncomfortable for the patient.

IMG_0054However, with continued advancement in technology, today there is a new technique. The state-of-the-art 3Shape TRIOS Scanner replaces the need for the older impression methods. Both Dr. Hochberg and Dr. Diora are pleased to introduce this alternative in their office. The scanner has many benefits for the patients as well as for the doctors and their clinical treatment team.

The TRIOS scanner has shown to enhance clinical results. It creates a high quality digital impression in color. Drs. Hochberg and Diora are able to view the prepared 3D image of the tooth while scanning in real time. And the scanner also selects the matching tooth shade, which allows for more accurate shade results. Turnaround time for the restoration is reduced as stone models are eliminated and the scan can be immediately sent to the lab by way of direct online communication. Upon receipt of the permanent restoration, our doctors are noticing better accuracy and fit.

And our patients are already pinpointing differences as well. Most have commented that they appreciate the comfort of the scanner versus the gag reflex that can occur when the impression material touches the roof of the patient’s mouth.

It’s apparent that intra-oral digital scanners, such as our TRIOS 3Shape scanner, are changing the future of taking impressions. We are pleased to offer this advanced technology to all of our patients moving forward. After all – taking a more comfortable, accurate and less time consuming intra-oral impression is our goal.

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