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Colony Square Dental Associates – Making A Difference

For the past 30 years, Colony Square Dental Associates has had the privilege of serving generations of patients in the Midtown area. In honor of these many years well spent, we elected to host a ‘Like & Share’ Challenge on our Facebook page. Since the beginning of the year, an outpouring of patients, visitors, and […]

Oral Health and Pregnancy

Hearing your doctor proclaim, “Yes, you are pregnant – Congratulations!” is the beginning of a very exciting time in your life. While you are selecting a name for your little one, baby clothes and a crib, your body is going through many changes. Your obstetrician will tell you about special vitamins, exercise and diet. But […]

Chomp! Fun Facts about Teeth

As children, we are fascinated with our teeth – counting them, watching them fall out and grow back in. Waiting for the tooth fairy’s surprise. This fascination continues as we get older and work to ensure that our teeth stay healthy and white. So, while Drs. Hochberg & Diora ‘talk teeth’ you, too, can share […]